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The Right Moment

4 Sep


Have you ever met someone who inspires you? A person that lifts you up on a cloud you never even knew existed!! Someone who has taken a risk and just followed their desire to live and live well. I have a friend that I recently reconnected with. Sold his things and backpacked through Europe alone. Just decided he wanted to do it. But the punch line is… HE DID!!

We all talk about the things we want in life. The places we want to go and the places we want to see, the type of people we inspire to be. So what holds us back? Perhaps it is fear that holds us back? Lucky for him he is the no fear and no worries type of guy. Sure selling my things and going out on a limb to travel the world sounds amazing if you are the “live in the moment” type of person. But what about the rest of us who think in the terms of the future? My thought process is… What happens when the money is gone and I return home to nothing? I am constantly looking for more in life. Looking for the right career, the right book idea, the right moment to capture. It seems it never comes my way.

My father recently expressed to me “People constantly tell me how lucky I am. But I tell them.. it seems the harder I worked in life the luckier I got”. Wise man!! I had an epiphany… waiting will only be followed by more waiting. The moment is not a magical moment. The moment is the moment you decide to create it! To work for it! To go after it! You will fail!! My father has told me many stories of when he was young and first starting his business. He came close to failing over and over. At one point he did a big job and paid upfront for the materials to do the job. When he went to collect his paycheck the man had skipped out-of-town. Left my father in debt and he owed his workers that helped do the job. But he kept fighting, kept pushing, and kept going. He has reached success in his life I can only hope I achieve. Following in his footsteps is quit frankly…nerve wrecking. He just DID IT!!

My point is that I have been patiently waiting for life to throw me my big break. I recently realized that if I continue waiting I will forever be just waiting. Some people make success look so easy. I’m surrounded by people in my life that have been overwhelming successful! It is quit intimidating. But I will get there. Because I have decided to just DO IT! Now the hard part is deciding what IT is. Is saving the world too big of a goal?! haha.

I will keep you posted on what my new goals will be and how I plan to make them happen. Till next time I leave you with some links of things that make my days brighter! These are two friends I admire for chasing their dreams and creating their own moments to make their dreams come true!

Brittany inspires me as a friend and a professional! Her blog happy Brittany is so bright and always brings a smile to my face!! Check out her blog at….
I especially love the “Your story in six words”. I shall try this and you will read it soon!

My friend Austin Trout is now the Middle weight Champion of the World!! So proud of him! I have watched him train and work very hard over the years!  I know he has not waited on this opportunity but instead chased it! He worked for it and gives it all he has got! I really hope I am able to make the fight Dec 1st in Madison Square Garden!


Trout told ESPN, “I’m trying to put this legacy together and this is what I needed. I am ecstatic right now,” I get to check off a few things on my bucket list with this fight. I get to fight in the Garden, I get to fight a superstar in the Garden, and I get to fight on HBO, if that’s where this fight is.”

Keep working! Keep pushing!

You make your own luck in life!!

Till next time!!!