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Girl Power

5 Sep


    Women these days are expected to take on some form of superhero! They are expected to maintain a full-time job, have dinner on the table by 6pm, and kids in bed by 8pm. All in a clean house with neatly folded linens. Come weekend they need preparation for mentally stimulating activities for the kids. Not to mention the perfect birthday parties and BBQ’s. The only problem is there is really not enough time in the day to do it all. These modern-day super hero expectations have applied some serious pressure on women all around the world. But I have to say we have most deafeningly rises to the occasion! All while maintaining class a pristine sense of style!

       Women far more powerful than even we give ourselves credit for! Do you remember hearing about that mother who lifted the car off of her child?! If that were your child under that car you would have done the same! Just one phenomenal example of a woman rising to the occasion! We take on the corporate world, the baking and cooking world, the Martha Stuart of house keeping world and do it all in the latest fashions presented by Vogue!  We postpone our “big” dreams and settle for the career that allows us to be home in time to meet in greet the children. Or search for the perfect stay at home job so you can switch the laundry out while working. Women want their children to grow up with a perfect role model! We want to be educated and successful in order to who show children that they can also be the ultimate super hero! We can lift cars and bake the perfect birthday cakes all in the same day!

The secret of all of this is that we enjoy our God-given talents to do it all. Though at times we get overwhelmed and feel like we are on the brink of crashing and burning we know that we feel empowered! Women decided generations ago that we want it all! Now we have it all! The role of the wife, the mother, and the successful business woman!

Here is a Forbes list of women changing the world!!


Working women in film! Old Movies which I also recommend on watching. You know in your “spare time”… haha. But Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn is my favorite! Every girl dreams of prancing around in a little black dress and a tiara!


And this would not be complete without Gala Darling! The creator of Radical Self Love!! She helps women all over love who they are and chase their dreams! All while rocken pink sequins!