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Pinterest Has Become My Muse!!

3 Sep


I am sure…in fact I am positive that I’m not the only woman addicted to Pinterest! I am constantly browsing and dreaming of building a house with a library full of the recommended books, a perfect back porch and a Pinterest perfect garden! I will of course be the perfect Pinterest house wife and do all the cute activities that are posted for mothers to do with their kids. Not to mention cook all the delicious home-made meals… and then I get a reality check!! LOL.

We can’t be the perfect women in the Pinterest dream world! But we can come pretty dang close!! I have been working on a few of the Pinterest recipes and with some adjusting I found a few great recipes that worked out great! So here is a crepe recipe that has been approved by yours truly!! More recipes from interest to come!

I started with a crepe breakfast recipe!

You will need:

Crepe batter recipe. (I purchased from world market a basic crepe mix. Followed instructions on the back).

Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Fresh Fruit of Choice (Strawberries for me)

Sliced almonds

Powdered Sugar

1. Mix batter. Spray pan with non stick spray. I start the heat on Medium.

Your Crepe should look something like this…

2. Spoon Yogurt in the middle. Add sliced strawberries and almonds.

4. Roll like a burrito! Sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Add some strawberries for color and Almonds for crunch!!

5. ENJOY!!

After you whip this up for breakfast your guests will think you are a professional chef! It is pretty healthy and delicious!!

Pinterest, after some adjustments this was a great recipe!!