My DIY Garden

1 Sep


    So as I promised yesterday, I would start this blog by “bragging” about my new herb garden! I am so excited! I am not quit ready to show you the entire garden just yet. But I will give you a sneak peak of one of my DIY garden projects! I am a thrift store addict!! Why buy something new and spend more money when it is much more fun to save money?! Not to mention being able to do as you please with the treasures you find! So I stumbled on this little three drawer cabinet for $4.99 at Goodwill!! I have a small balcony so the small drawers worked out! But this can be done with a full size dresser as well. Let me just say that the first few images were with my iPhone! I apologize about the quality! The last two were with my cannon! The difference in quality is obvious!

Step 1.. SCORE!!


Step 2. Make it your own! I chose to simply spray paint. I considered a stencil. Maybe I will still add some for a pop of color later. But for now I kept it simple.


Step 3. Put soil in drawers and plant your seeds of choice! Leave the drawers staggered so each plant has room to grow. I chose wheat grass, sprouts and bean sprouts.


Step 4. Water and watch grow!! I was surprised that after two short days I had sprouts!



                            This is one of the fun steps I took to planting to plant a garden in my small upstairs apartment! Even people in NYC can have fresh veggies and herbs! I am so Excited to show the rest of my garden to you! I hope it inspires each of you to get creative and plant your own garden!



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