My Creative Reverie

1 Sep


I am Whitney and as you know by now this is my creative reverie! I am constantly baking and working on creative projects. I am a professional photographer and a full-time student majoring in Anthropology. I know… I know…Most people look at me with a confused expression when I state this! But they actually complement one another rather well! Considering Anthropology is the study of people and I photograph people. I am constantly in captivation of culture, religion, and emotions that drive people to be who they are.

Just yesterday I planted a herb garden! I am like a child checking it every hour to see if something new has grown or changed. Check to see if there is a sprout that was not there the previous hour! Even at 25 years old it is exciting to see how miraculous life can be! I never do things the average way. My herb garden is not just a typical garden. It is inside my home planted in random containers from goodwill! This is how I have been since a child.

I don’t do things the “normal” way. I never have! I am proud to say that I never will! Which should be interesting for my readers! I hope to inspire each and every one of you in one way or another! I have yet to decide what direction this blog will go. But I am excited to see which direction the wind blows us!  My next post should be about my amazing new herb garden! I can’t wait to share my secrets!





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